Harap Alb — the Romanian Fairy Tale Pony Ride Adventure

Bring your children, grandchildren, Godchildren and any other children to experience the Romanian Fairy Tale Pony Ride Adventure, Saturday, May 18, 2019. The ponies will be at PRIMAVARA! from 3 pm to 5 pm for the pony ride adventure.

Taken from Ion Creanga’s “Harap Alb”, “A fost o data ca niciodata si de n-ar fi, nu s-ar povesti” (“Once upon a time, and if it hadn’t happened the story would not be told”) there was a good and kind prince who had a very big adventure.
Harap Alb, his talking horse and the friends he meets, help him succeed on his journey. One of his friends is named Ochila*.

At the end of this adventure, there is a wedding still being celebrated. Harap Alb and the Red Emperor’s daughter marry and the rejoicings go on for years on end and still continue to this day …. here at PRIMAVARA!

*”Perhaps he is the famous Ochila (one-eyed), brother to Orbila (blind-eyed), first cousin to Chiorila (Squint-eyed), his mother being the sister of Pindila (keen-eyed) from the village of Chitila, over the way from Nimerila, or from the town of Salcati in the vicinity of Cautati, and it’s useless looking for him any further for you won’t find him.”

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